an ode to a mug

What ceramic secrets do you hold?

When first she brought you into the fold?

Every day you did serve me well,

Joys and sorrows I gave–each sip did tell!

mug large

So how I hit myself at my folly,

A simple mistake normal for the likes of Wall-E!

Wall-E by Studio Bueno -

I promise it was something I cherished daily,

Almost as much as my ukulele,

For it came from my dear friend in Botswana,

Which is nowhere near the Republic of Ghana.


So you can imagine my horror–my shock, my shame!

As I realized when back home I came,

That I had left it in the freezer, that box of icy death,

And as I opened the door, I could do nothing but hold my breath…

bottom of mug

But anyway, let us remember the good times–all that we shared!

And forget the scene of the crime–and how that mug fared.

mug from top

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