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Earlier this week, I discovered an app called Tapestry. It’s for beautiful, no-frills storytelling. There is no back button–perhaps the most brilliant design decision in the app. I’ve enjoyed reading many of the stories (here’s one of my favorites), although I didn’t know if I was going to do much with it myself.

But I’m a sucker for contests, and on Wednesday they posted this challenge:

Can you create a story with 6 icons?

Ernest Hemingway used to challenge himself by telling a story with only 6 words. One of his most famous (and sad) short stories was “for sale baby shoes never worn.”  If a story can be told with only 6 words and a picture is worth 1,000 words, imagine all the possibilities of telling amazing stories through symbols!

Tapestry is a place to create and tell amazing stories, and symbols are some of the best communication tools. That’s precisely why teamed up with The Noun Project to launch an awesome “6 Icon Story” contest!

The Noun Project enables people to visually communicate information and ideas using symbols. Symbols can communicate faster than words, they can communicate in really fun and powerful ways (think of the equality symbol for marriage equality that recently went viral).

So what intriguing story can you tell in 6 icons?

You get the gist; read the rest by clicking on their link.

I used Illustrator to complete this challenge. Unfortunately, their Illustrator template wasn’t wholly compatible with my slightly older version. Here’s a CS5-friendly template you can download.

They didn’t have strict rules, but I feel like maybe I took a few liberties with what an “icon” is. Well, even if I get disqualified, it was a lot of fun. Check out my story here!

If you’re interested, you can submit until midnight Friday, July 12th.

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