feels like punishment

Over halfway through the year, and I’ve had (or am encountering) some interesting challenges physically. A few months ago, I participated in the ALA Fight for Air climb, a 40-story race up stairs. Last month, I completed the Mud Ninja on an ankle that honestly hasn’t been feeling too strong. While I was pleased with my performance (although it turns out that being soaked in mud does not motivate me at all to actually run between obstacles) , I wasn’t doing myself any favors.

Two and a half weeks ago in CrossFit, I rolled on it harder than I ever have…while doing double-unders jump roping. Not doing agility runs, jumping squats, or the millions of other riskier exercise–jump roping. Sigh. And unfortunately, while I’ve been doing a lot of ankle stretches and exercises, it just doesn’t feel the same.

I saw a specialist, and he gave me a velocity brace that he recommended I wear at all times. In three or four weeks, it should feel normal; in fact, he thought everything seemed strong. But he didn’t have a lot of great advice beyond giving me that, seeing a physical therapist, or an MRI and potentially surgery as the alternative. Felt very transactional, but more on that later maybe.

And then finally, I’ve been noticing issues with my left eye that eventually was determined to be—a little over a week ago—an outgrowth of scar tissue underneath my eyelid. It’s quite visible now and more than an annoyance.

It’s apparently nothing serious medically (not sure I believe it’s common as the doctor would have me believe), but it does interfere with my eyesight occasionally when it pusses or bleeds out (sorry-not-sorry for the TMI). It won’t be removed until the end of the month because that was the earliest available opening. Feels like it’s getting bigger by the day. Hope that’s not actually the case.

In the meantime, this all means I haven’t been going to class as usual. Just a daily hour of ankle stretches and some upper body calisthenics. This is somewhat difficult for someone who has been sometimes described as only having settings of 11 and 0 even if I know I need to slow down occasionally.