gnarled hands and Spinal Tap

This past month has seen ripped finger pads and a whole lot of sweat as summer as set in. More on the former later, but the last time I felt this way was running cross country in Arizona. 90+ dry heat on a daily basis probably contributed to the fact that I didn’t continue on past my freshman year (although I sometimes wish I had!).

But as a more mature and disciplined runner, I find myself subjecting myself to the heat at peak hours in the day so that I’m prepared to do the variety of workouts in the box. It takes a lot of strategic hydrating over the course of the day to make sure that I’m not struggling in the last couple miles of an afternoon run. They aren’t my most competitive runs, but they’ve gone a long way in easing CrossFit.

There are times though that I’m afraid of spontaneous (or would this be induced?) combustion. But that’s also because I used to be a drummer.

I’ve recently purchased a pumice stone to help shave down my callouses. I had no less than 5 pads rip off my hands after doing bar exercises one week. My callouses have been building slowly the past few months. Chalk wasn’t particularly helpful as I am a profuse sweater.

Some shallow research suggested that wrist pads could help if it was sweat coming down the arm, but that didn’t help the fact that I already had thick callouses (although they’re certainly helpful in general for wiping sweat off). I’ve also thought about gloves, but I think they may not be in my best interest if the problem lies in my technique. Plus, I’m not particular eager to *add* clothes when I heat up, but I can see the benefit if the WOD has a ridiculously high number of reps. For the time being, hopefully better hand care will help.

Last but not least, I’d like to start working on my flexibility and breathing through yoga or something similar. I’m great at applying myself like a hammer to efforts, but my oxygen intake is out of control. And running helps a bit as I try to practice rhythmic breathing. But with the variety of high intensity exercises–some of which I am physically incapable of maximizing because lack flexibility–I’ll rely on adrenaline alone to get me through. But I tend to lack control. At best, it sounds like I’m about to have an asthma attack, but it could also result in injury too. So yet another something I’d like to improve.

Overall though, I’ve been feeling a lot more capable and stronger in general. I’m still dealing with some of the same issues that I encountered initially, but I feel like I’m well on my way to overcoming them.

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