june 2013 update

Haven’t gone anywhere despite the lack of updates; I’ve been opting for conditioning classes or other workouts to buffer CrossFit. I’ve made good progress. I’m still focused on technique with barbell exercises, but I’ve been getting less critiques of my form, which has encouraged me to increase weights.

Kipping pull-ups finally clicked for me a few weeks ago. My early omission in technique was not bringing my knees up, but I had a hard time transitioning into the next one after I got up.  But I was so tired one day that I wasn’t thinking hard about what I was doing. Funny how that works (although not all the time). No more bands!

My goal at the moment is to be able to do a decent set of handstand push-ups, and to that extent, I’ve been focusing improving my regular (no kipping) pull-ups with other supplemental strengthening exercises. If I had to do 30 of ’em in one set as part of a WOD, my arms would probably fall off. They really are a true test of strength.

I’m still trying to do preventative exercises with my neck and back, and so far, so good.

Other than that, I’m trying to figure out if I should tackle a big endurance event. I’ve been entertaining the idea of a marathon or getting back into cycling, which I miss. But I have enough medium-term goals to keep me busy for the time being. It’s easy to see how CF quickly moves from being the supplemental exercise to the primary one…

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