new injuries come with the territory

Since my last post, I had been training regularly again and felt like I was almost back to full power. I wish I had updated a little more when I was feeling good. Then, during class in the last two weeks, I felt a sharp pain in three different places in my arm after performing a strong left hook.

I probably should have stopped instead of just working through the pain, and now I’m out of commission for the time being. At least with anything involving my arm.

There are eight carpal bones in the wrist, and I may have damaged the scaphoid bone, which is located at the base of the thumb and happens to be the most common wrist injury. It’s probably from improper technique; I also seem to have strained another part my wrist.

My doctor is most concerned about my scaphoid. Apparently, it’s not like having a normal break. It needs special treatment if there is a problem. And even not knowing, I have to wear a splint to keep it immobile.

The x-ray I took that day didn’t reveal anything, so my doctor ordered an MRI. I knocked that out this evening. It was an interesting experience.

Even though it was only a small part of my body, I still had to lay on the table for the full 20-25 minutes. I fell asleep listening to classic rock provided over headphones and earplugs that were either ineffective or the MRI machine is really that loud.

I’m not sure if I sound breezy right now, but I’m frustrated. It’s not the first time my left hand has been rendered immobile, but it’s a whole lot more inconvenient with the work and activities I do.

Might be back to running. News to come.

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