week five report

Last week, I went to CrossFit for one day. It felt good, although it was certainly challenging (as always). My “return” was supposed to be a couple weeks ago, but a combination of travel and sickness kept me away. The rest of this past week though, I made sure I was doing an increased amount of conditioning or strengthening.

Unfortunately, I haven’t made it out to run since my half-marathon, which incredibly ended up being a PR for me (although I did pull a Paul Ryan when I accidentally told a friend that my actual was faster, but that’s more because I didn’t think I had run a strong race). I think CrossFit has helped with my average speed.  The PR has made me consider tackling a marathon this year; not making it out since then makes me second-guess that idea. Despite all I wrote in my last post, motivation can still be elusive.

Another contradiction this past week has been the fact that while my diet has improved, my sleep has not. Last week, we received the first blender I’ve ever owned, and I am now experiencing the joy of cheap, delicious, and powder-masking smoothies. With more fruit and vegetables in my diet than ever before, I feel like I must have have been fairly malnourished for a good part of my life. I’m still not sure I’m meeting my caloric needs, but I definitely feeling like I’m getting more of what I need.

Unfortunately, that hasn’t been applying to sleep. 6 hours is what I need to be marginally functional throughout the day. 7 hours is what I need to feel normal, and 8 hours is what I think my body really needs but sometimes barely feels like enough. My average ends up being 6-7. Another something to figure out.

The WOD last week:

Friday: 10 rounds of 10 air squats, pull-ups (modified in later rounds with bands), sit-ups, and 1 snatch + 3 overhead squats. My endurance seems to be back, but my back was feeling weak with those squats, like my spine was going to snap back. I think some back-strengthening exercises are in order. Felt good being able to finish the 10 rounds though. 

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