week four report

Admittedly, I didn’t attend CrossFit at all this past week. I’m still a little wary of injuring myself, although I did do a class with CrossFit elements to it that was equally intensive.

The other reason is that I’m focusing on running. Next week, I’ll be running a half-marathon and I don’t have enough recent miles. While strengthening helps to a certain extent, experience has taught me that there’s no substitute for mileage. Otherwise, my knees and foot joints are just going to hate me at the end of those 13.1 miles.

This past week, I trained for four out of the seven days doing 3-5 miles on average with a few calisthenics thrown in. I know that’s really not where I should be, but I didn’t want to jump to 7-9 miles right away after having not done long distances in months. All I can say is that it’s going to be an interesting half.

Next week, I’m going to focus on ramping up the miles pretty quickly for the first half of the week with maybe one CrossFit class, and then rest for a day before the half marathon. It’s quick and dirty, but I’ve had worse training regimens.

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