week one report

Another reason I like the idea of tracking my CrossFit progress from the beginning is to provide a way to help any of you readers to evaluate the information surrounding it and decide whether or not it’s good fit. Research is part of my day job, and so it’s no surprise that I’m willing to do some for this.

Now, for skeptics who have stumbled over this blog, I’m aware of some of the criticism surrounding it in terms of what gains are actually possible, how it contributes to overall fitness, or what kind of abuse one might be imposing on the body. Unfortunately, with a lot of health and diet articles out there, there’s a lot of conflicting data.

But I’ve doing other activities long enough where I feel I can be cautious. And given the people in my life who also participate and advocate for CrossFit, I want to keep an open mind. In later posts, I’ll address specific things that I’ve learned, reached insights about, or concerns that I feel might be warranted.

This past week, I was able to make it out on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  I’ve heard that the recommended schedule is three days on and one day off, but my work projects drives my schedule so my plan is to go no less than three times a week.

On the off days, I’ve been doing cardio (or my “main” sports)  and exercises that might help me with pull-ups or lifting, like hanging off of my pull-up bar or doing bicep curls. I think CrossFit has a moderate learning curve for someone who is just beginning on weights, and these smaller scaffolding exercises might be necessary to avoid injury. Fortunately, I think I’ve started to see that progress in terms of comfort and technique the past couple of weeks.

Here were the WODs this past week:

Tuesday: 40 push-ups, 30 pull-ups, 20 air squats, 10 ring dips with a set of 100m rows and 400m runs between each one. Still trying to get the hang (wakka wakka) of kipping pull-ups

Thursday: 10-20-30-…-100 double-unders (jump rope) with 10 front squats before each set at 55% of your one-rep max. I have no idea what my one-rep max is, so I set the bar at something that seemed manageable. And after 20 minutes, only made it to 80 with the double-unders. That was tough.  Especially with my rope whipping and bruising hands repeatedly. I think I strained my neck.

Friday: Five rounds of  5 ring pushups, 10 clean & jerks, 15 burpees, 20 16 kg KB swings. I was already in a lot of pain from yesterday, so this was…fun. Probably one of the hardest workouts I’ve had to do. Burpees have never been so hard. Or maybe they’ve always been.  

Bottom line: Still kicks my butt every time.

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