week three report

My last full week of CrossFit was about a month ago. Then I suffered a herniated disc or something close enough that put me out for two weeks. In the third week, I traveled out for work while all the while trying to get a little cardio and doing neck exercises every day to help speed my recovery.

I’ve also been making it a point to walk and move more throughout the day. I get the feeling that going from sitting at a desk all day to some intense workout in the evening isn’t a great a strategy.

But I completed a full week of workouts last week, ending with Crossfit on Friday for the first time since my injury. I’m cautious, but I’m back!

I’ve become much more aware of my spine and posture the past few weeks, and I think I’ve isolated some issues with my technique. For instance, I was using a decreased amount of weights for cleans last week, and I noticed that my back didn’t feel straight in the starting position.

It probably doesn’t help that I don’t have a lot of flexibility when it comes to bending at my hips, but I also don’t think it was visible. And I also get the feeling that my technique for other things are going to need these kinds of subtle shifts.

But when you’re trying to challenge yourself as a relative novice, you’re too tired or too focused on just getting it done to notice. Personally, this has just translated to working on my technique on my own outside of the WOD. That practice isn’t going to be done in class (coaches help sometimes during skill work, but it’s a very brief part of the class), and while I’m sure experience will help self-correct some of it, I don’t want to wait and potentially injure myself further.

The WOD from my return to CrossFit last week:

Friday: 3 rounds of E2MOTM (Every 2 Minutes On The Minute) of the following set of exercises: rows, 10 burpee pull-ups/10 T2B (toes-to-bar), cleans (modification of squat cleans since I’m not supposed to doing much with weights yet), anchored feet/KB sit-ups, and tire pulls/plate running. It wasn’t a crazy workout, although I did notice some lost progress. 

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