welcome to 2014

It’s only fitting that my next training diary update comes at the start of the new year. Admittedly though, I’ve never made a fitness-related resolution as far as I can remember. My ongoing goal has always been the same: don’t go more than a week without physical activity.

However, at the start of 2013, I was looking to do more than just maintenance; I wanted to challenge myself and take my physical fitness to the next level.  It wasn’t a resolution–I just grew somewhat bored with running.

And I kind of succeeded. My diet improved and I hit a new half-marathon PR. I learned how to push myself harder than I had in the past with CrossFit and Krav Maga. and it made me stronger.

Unfortunately, this past year has also seen the most injuries I’ve ever sustained in a 12-month period, both physically and emotionally. This led to some inconsistency from month to month until this past fall where I found myself unable to do much of anything because of issues that I don’t want to get into. Not a great way to end the year.

However, I spent the last two weeks of vacation getting back into a more consistent schedule. It’s now 2014 (of course,  just my luck that I get to kick it off with a chest flu).

While I enjoy my streak of not making resolutions, I do want to see the new year as an opportunity for renewal and will therefore say this: With the new year, I’m striving for less injuries (read: paying closer attention to my technique), more consistency, and an improvement in the quality of the calories I consume.

I also hope to seek out external sources of accountability (i.e. running clubs) for those rare months where intrinsic motivation isn’t enough. And I hope to do a better job of documenting my progress and struggles in this blog.

2014 is about the long game. Here we go!

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